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Are your marketing efforts not generating the leads you need?

Without consistent, high-quality leads, your business growth could stagnate, leading to empty appointment slots and lower revenue. Imagine having a proven system that fills your calendar and boosts your revenue.

Hi, I'm Roxie, a business consultant from Ottawa, Canada. I specialize in scaling systems with Facebook ads, helping over 1,600 business owners collectively generate $84,524,044 in sales.

Want to know exactly how I can help you streamline and scale?

Popular Tools Roxie Works With:

Don't see your business tools?

Popular Tools Roxie Works With:

Don't see your business tools?

Marketing Help to Quickly Grow Your Service Business

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Webinar Coach


Dating And Relationship Coach


Sales Coach


Visionary Goddess Coach


Multi Double Comma Club Award Drop Shift Software Creator & Founder of

If you’re launching a course and you want to communicate through slides, she is definitely the person you want to connect with.



"I would like to say how extremely happy I am with Roxie for my funnel project. From the beginning, she answered all of my questions, and came up with great suggestions. I plan on continuing to work with her for future projects!"



"I’ve worked with Roxie for a few projects now and she always does an outstanding job.

She has fabulous communication, and gets everything done really quickly.

I’ve recommended her to friends before and think she’s great. She’s definitely my go-to gal. Try her out- you’ll love her!"


Affiliate Press Writer

"I hired Roxie on referral from my buddy Russ Ruffino. She was absolutely a pleasure to work with.

Super fast and clear with communications and delivered a fabulous work product ON TIME and within budget.

I definitely recommend her services and will be using her from now on."


Essential Oil Expert

"I don’t know how many countless hours I have spent trying to find the perfect pictures for my PowerPoint presentation. Way too many.

I’m so glad that I found Roxie. The service that she offers was life-saving. I sent her the text for my presentation and it was like she read my mind.

She took that text found engaging beautiful images that matched my message exactly and in less than 48 hours it was done.

She is any presenters, secret weapon and saved me hours and hours of time.

If you want to skip the frustration and hours searching for images, then you will want to talk to Roxie."


Wholesaling Inc.

"The truth about Roxie is that she is absolutely incredible!

Russ Ruffino Live introduced me to Roxie’s services for setting up everything from the webinar to the booking page and it has been an AWESOME experience working with her.

A total professional and perfectionist that has an expert knowledge of not only the tools but the methodologies for the fastest ROI!

Roxie, you’re an All-Star Powerhouse of Results and our team will always use your services! Can’t thank you enough!

Anyone needing to put a webinar on autopilot needs to contact her right away!"


Master Your Message

"OMG the presentation looks amazing! I have to say I am blown is awesome. Thank you so much! Sincerely, thank you for an AWESOME and AMAZING job!"


Hire With Ease

"She turned it around with lightning speed and made the edits just as fast! She is creative and a pleasure to work with."


Mindset Coach

"I'm so impressed with the quality of work that Roxie produced! Everything was done totally professionally and with ease!

She even jumped to help me with a couple of challenges that came up to ensure that everything ran smoothly!

Thank you so much for your work Roxie, I'd highly recommend you."



"I would never have managed to do all of that, with such precision, and in record time.

A lovely person to work with, graced with infinite patience. I know I'll work with her again."


Executive Coach

"Roxanne is a lifesaver! I'm building my tribe, and Roxie is helping me do it. Clearly - tech is not my strong suit, but I feel confident having an expert help me pull of this together."


Real Estate Coach

“I hired Roxanne and she did a beautiful job on my webinar slides, they match my personality spot on.”



"Roxie has designed and built very successful email, Facebook, and webinar promotions for me.

She has also helped me utilize scheduling and billing programs that helped my business run smoothly.

Her excellent technical knowledge and creative skills will certainly fulfill your marketing and business needs.

Want to market your brand and product with success? Then do not hesitate to contact Roxie.

Her warmth, charisma, friendliness and positive energy are the answers to your needs."


Marketing Strategist

"My business is built around positioning entrepreneurs so they stand out from the crowd.

But I couldn’t find a way to express MY own genius for a webinar presentation, I had the classic blank screen syndrome, and nothing was getting done.

Roxie came in, took my outline, and in lightning fast time turned it into a killer slide show. The images she chose perfectly matched my style and the flow worked beautifully.

She’s not only talented as an artist but intuitive and strategic as well!"


Host Of Meditation Minis

"Working with Roxie was the best money I spent this year in my business! Letting her do what she does best let me spend more time and energy focusing on what I do best.

Roxie was able to not only get the project done quickly but also with a great emotional feel in her image selections that added a depth to my webinar message I had not expected.
I HIGHLY recommend her!"


Sales Coach

“Bit the bullet…hired Roxanne and am doing everything the RUSS way from this point forward.

I’ve spent too much time spinning my wheels on the tech side of things just to save a few bucks but in reality, all I was doing was losing out on potential income and letting fear win. Moving forward!”


Virtual Product Creation Blueprint

"Design is definitely NOT my strong suit, so I turned to Roxie for help. She took my script and turned it into a stunning visual presentation that strongly supported the audio script I had prepared. I will definitely use Roxie again for my next presentation!"


Clear Skin Strategy

"Roxie has blown me away with her desire to help. She's really a caring individual and is interested in seeing me succeed, which makes her a rare jewel. She helped me spruce up some visual aspects of an offer I was making to clients and was ridiculously patient while I ask for revisions. She was happy to make it just what I wanted. I can’t recommend her enough!"


I Heart My Job

"HUGE thank you to Roxie for creating the most beautiful slides for my webinar. She not only put together the slides but made great recommendations on the copy. She turned them around very quickly and was more than happy to assist when I wanted to make changes or to answer any of my questions.

It was a pleasure working with her and I absolutely LOVE the Logo picture she created and the 3D logo is simply the coolest. Not to mention the amazing infographic of the process which I can use as my free gift and feel really proud of sending out.

Don't spend a week doing your own slides, simply leave it in Roxie's capable hands- it will be quicker and much better with her involved as she KNOWS what works."



“I hired Roxanne to set up my automated webinar this week, and she did a fantastic job and did it quickly! She got LeadPages, the webinar, ScheduleOnce, and the Wufoo form all integrated together and set up in Stealth Seminar, she embedded ScheduleOnce and Wufoo into my website, and she placed the Facebook tracking pixel in the right spots. And voila!

Everything is set up and working beautifully, and I was able to spend my time on listening to trainings, tightening up the language and advertising mechanics on the Q&A calls, and double checking the system to see if any changes were needed.

I highly recommend Roxanne - she is great to work with and I really cannot imagine how frustrating and time consuming it would have been to do this on my own!”


Cool Psychology

“Hiring Roxie relieved the anticipatory anxiety about what was coming up with the technical requirements. This allowed me to move out of my comfort zone to tackle the rest of the process…all of it!

People already have enough information through books and Google at their fingertips, and now my webinar is an “experience.” Thank you.“


Transformational Coach

“I decided to work with Roxanne because I have a tendency to get severely overwhelmed with tech stuff. I do have intentions to learn, meanwhile I can get up and moving.

She has been AMAZING! Very patient with all questions.”


Bochner's Body Therapy

"Roxanne is great to work with! She designed all images to my liking. Will work with her again!"


Sales Coach

“Roxanne is THE best! THE BEST I tell ya’. Tech Goddess! Get yourselves some Roxie. She’s THE TRUTH!”


Contractor Growth Academy

“Got a logo designed by Roxanne and had a GREAT experience. I've dealt with a lot of people who are slow, unresponsive, unprofessional, etc in the past. Roxanne is literally the exact opposite of that.

I was surprised at how affordable the price was considering the level of expertise she was providing, she got it done and delivered ahead of schedule, and it looked even better then what I had pictured in my head. If quality and affordability are important to you I would highly recommend her and I will 100% be a repeat customer.”


Fitness Coach

“I hired Roxanne to take care of the stuff that she is good at that I would spend weeks (if not months) trying to figure out, so I can get it up and running quickly. Another huge weight off my shoulders. She put my webinar slides together, landing page, and autoresponders. If any of you are considering hiring her, the answer is great big YES!

Let her do what she does best so you can focus on what you do best! Thanks for your patience & flexibility while I’m trying to get my webinar up and at ‘em…you rock! She is fantastic, but get on her schedule early!”


Relationship Coach

“Things are moving right along! Our website and automated funnel are UP and running.

I want to thank Roxanne for all of her help in getting right down to business and getting such quality work done quickly (while being super responsive and respectful). 4 new clients already this month ready to rock the house!”


The Faith Effect Global

“Roxanne, you give me huge strength, inspiration, enthusiasm and you keep me on track. I can’t say it is easy right now…but I am always putting one foot in front of the other and it looks like I am going to RUN to my goals soon!

I am catching my momentum quickly! Thank you!”


Sales Coach

Instead of getting stuck on the details I would advise you have someone set things up for you so you can focus on getting your high ticket offer put together so you can start attracting people and bringing in a few clients.

The gal I’m using has setup many of the people from COD and understands the process well. She’s Roxanne Monette.”


Selling Secrets For Funding

"A picture is worth a thousand words and Roxie finds the perfect image that makes my content emotionally connect with my audience.

Her design elevates my brand and she delivers in a fast turnaround to allow me to launch my webinar without spending hours of my time creating slides."


Health & Fitness Coach

Roxanne is the absolute biggest life save EVER! So grateful for her!”


Fitness Coach

“Just handed some stuff over to Roxanne and I’m feeling way less overwhelmed!


Certified Holistic Health And Lifestyle Change Coach

"I recently hired Roxie to help me create a professional webinar slide deck for an upcoming program I was launching.

I had tried to create the deck alone and faced countless tech issues and a steep learning curve.

I am thrilled to say that everything about working with Roxie exceeded my expectations! Roxie is professional, prompt, creative and responsive.

She chose the perfect slides to match the look and feel that we had discussed and she delivered them in record time to keep me moving towards my deadline.

I am so grateful for her and highly recommend her for your project."


Holistic Life Coach

"So grateful for the beautiful work Roxanne has done for me. She was referred to me by my business coach, and did an excellent job making a masterpiece out of my slide deck.

The images are perfect, and beautiful. It is something I can be proud to share. She was easy to communicate with and quick in the turnaround. I will definitely use her again."


Mastering Online Courses

"Finding Roxie has been an absolute Godsend to my business. You know all those times when you struggle for an entire afternoon to do some techie thing or other with your webinar set up and you still can't figure it out?

Or how about when you struggle for hours trying to find decent images to put on your slides and then when you come to set up the slide presentation it still looks like a dogs dinner?

Well I remember those times well. The many wasted hours of mindless frustration trying to figure things out myself, or trying to do a task I knew darn well would be better done by someone else.

I don't do that anymore.

These days I do what I'm good at (helping people create their own great online courses) and I let Roxie do what she's good at, i.e ALL the heavy lifting stuff involved in setting up the whole webinar funnel. From slide decks to all the background technical work to make sure the webinar runs smoothly from start to finish and can even be automated as well.

Like I say, Roxie has been a terrific find for my business and I'm sure you'll also wonder what you ever did without her."

Need Help Filling Your Calendar?

Roxie can help! Click the button below to send her an email.

Need Help Filling Your Calendar?

Click the button below to send Roxie an email.